28 November 2006


This is SO wrong that I literally felt my blood pressure rise as I read about it:

Unwelcome in American Pubs

So is this:

Royal Marines Not Welcome in Pub

I can't walk by a man or woman in uniform without stopping to say "thank you," let alone let them sit in a bar without sending a round of drinks over, so this pissed me off beyond measure.

BS of this sort makes France look grateful!


The comment's section on the BLACK FIVE thread above has over 200 posts. I encourage all to read it and add their two cents to the debate. I won't mention any names, but there is one troll who has no idea who he is dealing with there and I'd love to see y'all "welcome" him as only you can.

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'!

And just to make this even MORE fun - turns out that one of these folks was training at the same shooting range I use...LOVELY!
(and then there were four...)

And In The "Give Me a Freakin' Break" Category...

The winner is...the criminals!

As local leaders of the New Black Panther Party near my home town call for a moratorium on the use of tasers by police, sighting that they are disproportionately employed on minority suspects, they are ALSO protesting the shooting of a 15yr old male when he pointed an assault rifle at a sheriff's Deputy after high-speed chase. Their claim in the latter instance is that the subject was shot in the back and therefore running away. (Massad Ayoob could tell them a thing or two about how that works and I pray that he or someone like him is testifying on the Deputy's behalf as he awaits a Grand Jury decision on possible indictment.

The ACLU has jumped on the bandwagon in both cases and I have to ask...isn't this the same crowd to whom the words "assault rifle" bring about the kind of fear normally reserved for weapons of mass destruction?

Sorry guys, (and I use that term loosely,) but you have to pick one or the other! HPD has used tasers 982 times since they were introduced to the department. In more than 70 of those cases, the officers would have been more than legally justified to use deadly force - but they didn't.

When someone points an assault rifle at you, as in the case of the Deputy, tasers just aren't going to cut it so what exactly would you have the man do??? And if you take the taser option away, what would have happened in those 70 plus cases???

Here are some links to the local news on this subject. I am still looking for the few I've read that at least TRY to give both sides of their stories but you know how the media is...

Local group calls for moratorium on taser gun usage

Seeking justice in death of 15-year-old boy

Angel Out!

Not to rub it in...

But did ya see my Aggies kick the hell out of those liberal UT boys???

Hope their quarterback is ok...really I do!

22 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we gather with friends and family, please take a moment to remember our troops, to pray for their safety and success and to give thanks for their many sacrifices.

In fact, lets all make a habit of doing this EVERY day!

16 November 2006


ROFASIX - CAV Guy! has a "must read" post titled "Zias Nails US Strategy in Iraq!"

Retired Brigadier General Mick Zias' address to the Honors Convocation at Newberry College is reproduced here and is the best summary of our military situation and the problems that need addressing that I've ever read.

I hope someone within the decision making process is reading his words too AND has the intelligence to act on them.

Angel Out


"You'll shoot your eye out!"

That infamous movie line is the latest battle cry (ok, in this case it's more like whining) coming from the Massachusetts Legislature, whose state motto is, ironically enough, "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty."
Apparently swords are acceptable, but BB Guns are out of the question.
In their endless attempts to save you from yourselves, those "socially conscious" folks have decided to "make New England an area free of pellet guns and BB guns," complete with a buy back program for those who dared to own such an evil product.
(Yes, I'm serious.)
The Fast Squirrel has the details as part his new blog series, which can be found under the very appropriate title: "Consequences."
And if you have plans to visit this "fair"state in the future, don't even THINK ABOUT licking a flagpole in December!

15 November 2006

Windows 2006

Ever notice how the word "wind" is in the word"window?"

Apparently, I'd forgotten this bit of linguistics and the Weather Gods thought a reminder was in order.

This isn't MY window in the photograph.

I can't show you MY window because it's not there anymore... a large pine tree took it's place this afternoon while I was standing about 6 feet from it. (You have my full attention, God...Thanks for stopping by!)

I did, however, take pictures of the remains of MY window with the 36ft tree limb still in it's new home, which I'll post as soon as I get them back.

And if you're laughing at my implication of God's presence during this little adventure, understand that a floor to ceiling plate glass window is what I was standing near and that the tree limb hit with enough force to rip out the frame, as well as launch ALL the glass through the air like flechette munitions...and I don't have a scratch on me!

A Grateful Angel Out!

Something Graphic This Way Comes!

I have a confession to make...one that I can't even tell my Priest about.

He just wouldn't understand.

(Actually, he *does* have an autographed ZZ Top poster and guitar in his office so maybe he would. Still, I'm sure there's nothing in the manual that covers the preferred number of "Hail Mary's" as penance for this particular indulgence...but I digress.)

Sitting alone in a darkened room, in the dead of night, when no one is looking...I go out stalking the object of my obsession. And when I find a source, I will remain there for hours...days even! I can't stop myself from wanting more, more and oh yes...MORE!

This stuff is nearly impossible to quit. There are no programs, 12-step groups or rehab clinics to to save me from myself. I'm generally a strong willed gal who insists on being in control of myself and my surroundings at all times and I try to behave in a manner fitting those parameters...but give me the right combination of pixels and sarcasm and I am floating in a state of bliss usually known only in the opium dens of the Orient.
You see...I am a closet graphics addict.
I rarely find a supplier who *always* has something new and exciting enough to feed my cravings, but when I do I am willing to commit the ultimate act of love between junkies...share!

Frankly Opinionated
(click the link to visit)
Frankie is an Old War Dog from the 101st AIRBORNE and as the saying goes, "He's good troops." Not only will he personalize anything you see in his shop, he'll be all too happy to create a "one-of-a-kind" design for you as well.
Stop by and visit his shop and his blog - you won't be disappointed!

10 November 2006

Ramadan Trophies

I can't even bring myself to repeat what I have just read at Conservative Propaganda, but I encourage all of you to visit this post: Ramadan Trophies.

I warn you that the pictures are very graphic. They display the cowardly acts of Muslims beheading innocent Christian schoolgirls.

This is what we are up against folks and someone needs to take the blinders off the liberal moonbats who still believe diplomacy can save us.

Personally, I think that 671 grains of diplomacy is the only kind that will work with these bastards!

Angel Out!

h/t Conservative Propaganda


09 November 2006

Torn between two SECDEFS

"Give me a platoon of West Point cadets and I'll win a battle, give me a handful of Texas Aggies and I'll win a war!"

After four years on the Texas A&M skydiving team, you can see my dilemma!

08 November 2006

The 8th of November

If you don't know the story, you will after watching this video.
And you will shed a tear.
My dear friend "Lap" was a member of the 173rd AIRBORNE.
He is in the picture shown above.
He came to 'Nam after this battle, but it was he who first taught me what it means to be a Paratrooper.
Were it not for him and a few others, I would not have known the kind of man my biological Father was, and that I am more like him than I ever hoped to be.
Paratroopers really do take care of their own!
**If anyone recognizes themselves or anyone they know, please contact me here. Other than my friend, we have been unble to find anyone else in his platoon. I know "Lap" would love to find his old brothers in arms.**


Shut Up & Jump!