26 February 2006

A Note about my ARCHANGELS

To the left of my posts there is a list titled "ARCHANGELS!" This is not a blogroll. It is a list of folks who's words and actions have inspired me to begin my own blog, but more importantly to make sure that I do something to make my country a better place every single day that I draw breath. Many of them are active or retired military but not all of them and the list is not complete yet. A few need to be added but I have not yet made the graphics for their links. Others will be added as I discover them. If you know of anyone who belongs on this list, drop me a line with a link to their blog and I will be happy to check them out. As for why I chose to call them ARCHANGELS, it goes with the theme I chose for this blog, but more importantly, I have no doubt that any of them are more than worthy of their namesake. We need more of them in this country and in this world and I hope that all of you will be as inspired by them as I have been.

Blue Skies!
Fallen' Angel


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