27 March 2006

Laughing Wolf's Thoughts On a Marine

BLACKFIVE has a wonderful story Some Thoughts On A Marine posted by Laughing Wolf.
This one hit so close to home for me that I dare anyone to read it without memories of their own parents coming to the forefront of their mind.

I was raised in the best of both worlds when it comes to my own parents. My biological father was an NCO Killed in Vietnam with the 101st AIRBORNE. I was then adopted by the man I call "DAD" who was also an NCO during the Korean War. He then left the Army to become an officer in the Marine Corps. He was and remains an NCO at heart and I will always consider myself to be an NCO's kid, but I am also very proud to be a Marine's Daughter and I hope that I have made both of them half as proud of me as I am of them.

Thank you LW for sharing this bit of your family with us.



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