22 March 2006

Outside The Box

One of the things I adore about NOTR at ROFAsix is how he always finds articles that make me think outside the proverbial box. Yes, I know there are many others out there who do this as well, but he is one of my daily "must reads" as well as someone who has been a great help to me as I learned to get this blog of mine off the ground so I choose to link to him more often than not.
This article from STRATFOR, "Putting Cards On The Table In Iraq," gave me a new perspective on the relationship between Iran, Iraq and the US. It made a lot of sense and it was definately not something I would have tied together on my own. Whenever I come across something like that I want to know more so I can see what else I might be missing. That tells me it's worth passing along. Some may wonder why I consider this new information, but I suspect there are also others out there who, like me, don't always know what they don't know or what questions to ask when they are forming an opinion on something. This one's for them.

Blue Skies,


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