21 March 2006

RTB (Finally!!!)

Well folks, I'm finally home and I have lots to talk about. Today I will be catching up on housework type stuff, but I promise a few interesting tales in the next few days. Topics will include:

1. COWARDLY %$#!!: My OUTRAGE that Ssgt Blue-Eyes' neighbor had his vehicle broken into with many items stolen, and the one person who witnessed this crime didn't even call 911! The "victim" has the Purple Heart / Wounded Combat Vet plates on his pov and they are impossible to miss so it REALLY PISSES ME OFF that some coward would deliberately target a soldier. More on that as soon as I can type in language that is befitting the lady that I try to be.

2. The Battle of New Orleans: This video clip (which is VERY truthful and therefore not at all PC,) was sent to me by a friend who I worked with when we were taking in medical evacuees from Katrina. I spent some time deciding if I should post it due to it's content, but you know what? Sometimes the truth hurts and that doesn't make it any less truthful. It should be up by this evening.

3. My new word for the day: "Static Discharge." (Ok, so it's two words!) I experienced this phenomenon while flying home last night and I have to tell you, it was something that made me wonder if I was going to have to open that "emergency exit" door that I try to sit next to on any commercial flight. Fortunately, we had one of those excellent pilots who in his best "radio voice" immediately addressed the passengers to explain what had just happened and calm those who insisted we were just hit by lightening. Now that I know what it was, I'm thinking how cool it would be to experience it again, but hey, I'm strange like that.

4. The soldier who pumped my gas: While at Ft. Someplace, I bought some earrings that are the insignia of my Dad's old division when he was in Korea. A soldier presently in that division saw them and insisted that I not put gas in the car because he wanted to do it for me to say "thanks" for supporting him and his brethren in such a manner. We're talking a class act here folks and I can't wait to brag about this guy.

Anyway, I hope to have all these posts up soon and till then, y'all be safe!

Fallen Angel


Blogger NOTR said...

Hotay! I am an old pileit TFA, and I am not sure what your Pileit was talking about. Want to expand on it a wee bit for the uninformed?

3/28/2006 11:23:00 AM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

Gosh NOTR, I was hoping YOU could explain this "phenomenon" (as the pilot called it) to me, but here is what happened from what I could see and hear and the Captain's explaination:
The Aircraft was a Delta MD88 departing ATL to IAH in IFR conditions. (We already had a 5 hr delay due to weather.) Other than light rain and some turbulence (which I think is fun) it was a pretty normal flight once we finally made VR. There were T-Storms to the left and right of the plane but they weren't close enough to cause more than a nice light show. Just after reaching cruise altitude there was a rather ominous noise and a distinct "glow" on the leading edge of the right wing as well as other "glowing" areas that seemed to be coming from the nose. There was also a drop that was not quite zero G's but close enough to give you that floating feeling. My first thought was that we'd been hit by lightning and how much it would suck to go down in Lousianna when there were so many other nice places to crash *LOL* It took a few moments but then "Captain Friendly" came on in his best radio voice and explained that we had experienced a phenomenon called Static Discharge. He went on to explain about the friction of the aluminum skin creating static build up as it hit certain speeds and that we simply felt the large version of shocking yourself after walking on carpet in your socks. I was under the impresion that most aircraft had some type of antenna looking thing that prevented this from happening but I have only jumped out of a lot of planes and other than one solo, I am NO pilot so I could easily be wrong. Actually, the only time I had heard of static electricity being a problem was with helos. So maybe YOU can explain that to ME?


3/28/2006 12:46:00 PM  

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