13 July 2006

Flight 93 Memorial vs Politically INCORRECT Idiots!

Flight 93 Memorial…A Celebration of Islam!!?

That's right my friends, the battle still rages and it's getting sicker by the minute. I simply don't have the stomach to explain the details of this situation. I will say that the folks on that Heroic Flight achieved more with less time, money, planning or committees than the sub-humans in charge of memorializing them ever could!

I encourage you all to visit Red Sky where you can read about this lunacy for yourselves. The post also kindly includes the contact info for the memorial's committee so that you can share your thoughts with them on this matter.

If they give you any flack, remind them...it's NICE to share with those who have less than you...politically correct even.


Anonymous Thor said...

Love your site. Great job.

7/14/2006 11:54:00 AM  

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