12 July 2006

LET'S HELP THIS NAVY SEAL! (This is worth a second post!)

As many of you have read, I lost my best friend to AML recently because we were unable to find a bone marrow match for her.
There is now a US NAVY SEAL in need of a marrow transplant and I ask all of you to Cowboy Up and get tested.
I have been in the National Marrow Registry for over 15 years and though I have yet to match anyone, I always make sure to update them on ways to contact me. The testing is easy and painless and the possible results are nothing short of a Miracle!
For more information on this issue, I refer all of you the the King of Bloggers: BLACKFIVE, who has the entire story as well as information on how you may become a bone marrow donor, and possibly save someone's life...maybe even the life of a hero.

PLEASE come to the aid of one who has watched our backs!


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