11 July 2006

The Muslim Insurgency in Walmart!

I have always backed those who fight the GWOT, but I never expected to find myself face to face with the enemy while shopping for groceries. It took me a while to calm down so that I could post this without using the language it inspired. But now that I have collected myself, I give you: Operation Grocery Cart!

No S***, there I was, minding my own business and trying to detach a grocery cart from its train of brethren. When this proved difficult, I uttered aloud the phrase "Sweet Jesus." Little did I know that this would lead to my first encounter of the extremist kind.

Apparently there was a female behind me (Never saw her - I must pay attention to that "Watch Your Six" advice my pilot friends are always preaching.) She was dressed in the full Burka so that only her eyes were visible. By her accent, I'm guessing that she was not native to the Middle East. (Unless African-American-Bronx is their new national language) I heard this "accent" because she believed my comment was directed at her and she let loose with a string of insults that would have made any terrorist proud. According to her, I am a "Jew, a baby killing infidel, an Israel loving b****" and several other things which I will not repeat here.

(I wonder what she would have said if she knew I am an Irish/Italian Catholic?)

I gotta tell you folks, I was at a loss. Had this been a man, I would have engaged, weapons free, and come down on him like the wrath of God. But it wasn't her gender that stopped me...it was her children. She had two youngsters with her and I was now a teaching tool-proof of all the evils of Americans. I was not about to prove her right. I even went so far as to apologize and explain my comment and why it had nothing to do with her. Surprise, Surprise - this didn't help. She followed me up and down the store preaching her hate and doing no shopping of her own...she was on a mission. I even picked up a package of bacon but that only fueled the fire.
Somehow I managed to keep my composure...right up until she brought up the recent mutilations of our Soldiers....and that was all she wrote!

But then, God intervened.

A police officer had witnessed the entire event from start to finish and as I began to lunge in this crazy woman's direction, he appeared. He informed the woman that her harassment and behavior was not welcome in this store and proceeded to escort her and her family to their vehicle.

He then came back to me and said I had better self control than he'd seen in a long while. I DO love Police Officers, especially those who are former US Marines who are now in Law enforcement.

The moral of this story: Watch Your Six Folks...They really ARE everywhere!

Angel Out


Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

Angel, they tell us that burning the USA flag is "freedom of expression". For just a moment, let's give 'em that- Wouldn't Smacking that wench into tomorrow have been "freedom of expression"? I am e-mailing you a thing on this, that I was enlightened to. You'll agree to their ugliness. If we arrest one for beheading a soldier, he is entitled to the Geneva Conventions? No Flippin' Way!
nuf sed

7/13/2006 03:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Thor said...

Good job with the self control there! I am a man who bows to the finer sex in all things...but in this case...I would have made her cry with my less than controlled tongue. :)

7/14/2006 11:52:00 AM  

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