11 July 2006

SAVE A SEAL (and I don't mean the fur coat kind!)

As many of you have read, I lost my best friend to AML recently because we were unable to bone marrow match for her. There is now a US NAVY SEAL in need of a marrow transplant and I ask all of you to Cowboy Up and get tested. I have been in the National Marrow Registry for over 15 years and I always make sure to update them on ways to contact me.

For more information on this issue I refer all of you the the King of Bloggers: BLACKFIVE, who has the entire story as well as information on how you may become a donor.

On a more personal note, in addition to the loss of my friend Sandy, I also have family members in the Naval Special Warfare Community. (Those of you who have been there and done that can read between the lines as to what part of that community he serves.)

PLEASE come to the aid of one who has watched our backs!

Angel Out!


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