28 November 2006

And In The "Give Me a Freakin' Break" Category...

The winner is...the criminals!

As local leaders of the New Black Panther Party near my home town call for a moratorium on the use of tasers by police, sighting that they are disproportionately employed on minority suspects, they are ALSO protesting the shooting of a 15yr old male when he pointed an assault rifle at a sheriff's Deputy after high-speed chase. Their claim in the latter instance is that the subject was shot in the back and therefore running away. (Massad Ayoob could tell them a thing or two about how that works and I pray that he or someone like him is testifying on the Deputy's behalf as he awaits a Grand Jury decision on possible indictment.

The ACLU has jumped on the bandwagon in both cases and I have to ask...isn't this the same crowd to whom the words "assault rifle" bring about the kind of fear normally reserved for weapons of mass destruction?

Sorry guys, (and I use that term loosely,) but you have to pick one or the other! HPD has used tasers 982 times since they were introduced to the department. In more than 70 of those cases, the officers would have been more than legally justified to use deadly force - but they didn't.

When someone points an assault rifle at you, as in the case of the Deputy, tasers just aren't going to cut it so what exactly would you have the man do??? And if you take the taser option away, what would have happened in those 70 plus cases???

Here are some links to the local news on this subject. I am still looking for the few I've read that at least TRY to give both sides of their stories but you know how the media is...

Local group calls for moratorium on taser gun usage

Seeking justice in death of 15-year-old boy

Angel Out!


Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

So long as the panderers have an audience, we will continue to have a race problem. As long as blacks buy into the liberal thing of: "Since you aren't as good as white folks, we'll give you an edge, a handicap." And crime isn't caused by blacks, it is caused because whites see that criminals get arrested. It is only a race thing because the racists, (spell that, black panderers), say that it is. Perhaps, we should outlaw Tasers. At the same time, we should also teach law enforcement types to stop acting for the pollsters, and do it right. Shoot when they or their citizens are threatened, and to hell with the gripers. If we hadn't brought Tasers into law enforcement, we'ed have fewer cops in graves. Anyone who claims to be politically correct, isn't. He/she is a panderer. Anyone who thinks law enforcement can function to the satisfaction of the majority, while using political correctness as a guide; is utterly wacky. Cops must be free to use their best judgement in snap decision situations. If they cannot, then they cannot adequately protect me.
To those who dispute the use of the Taser, SCRUE U! Pick up the tasers, and issue another mag or two of ammo.
nuf sed

11/28/2006 10:36:00 AM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

I have to go back to the words of that most awesome of bloggers, Bill Whittle, from Eject!Eject!Eject!
It's NOT about black or white people, it's about black or white hats - good guys and bad guys. It's not even about those blue democrats and those red republicans - it's about folks who are pink and folks who are grey.
It's about sheep, and wolves, and sheepdogs. I know which one I am, and I know which one most officers are too.
I wasn't thrilled with the taser plan when it began, but it has proven useful in cases with the mentally ill and other similar situations. The officers have done a remarkable job despite having yet another factor added into the "shoot/no-shoot" decision.
I know better than to expect the police to protect me - that is not realistic as they are almost always called AFTER a crime has been comitted, but the times I've worked with them where there *was* an imminent threat, they have never let me get hurt. I just want them to have the same chance at survival that they are so willing to give to me.

11/28/2006 03:09:00 PM  
Blogger NOTR said...

Without Tasers cops would end up having to use their side arm more than they do now. How many, given the choice of getting hit with a Taser vice a bullet would pick the latter?

Don't the Taser opponents see that?

11/28/2006 09:54:00 PM  
Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

Next we'll have to provide car-jackers, drug-dealers, and gang-bangers with bulletproof vests so that the police can't hurt them. Again, I say collect all the tasers, and supplement them with a couple more magazines of Ammo, and the order to "serve and protect", instead of "cover the mayors ass". What will it take to get the USA back on the track of "Majority Rule" and all others have to "suck it up"?
You Political Correctnessees, just have a latte and close your curtains.
nuf sed

11/29/2006 07:42:00 AM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

There you go NOTR, looking for common sense again! I suspect you'd have better luck finding Jimmy Hoffa AND a needle in the proverbial haystack when dealing with this crowd. LOL!

11/29/2006 09:36:00 PM  

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