28 November 2006


This is SO wrong that I literally felt my blood pressure rise as I read about it:

Unwelcome in American Pubs

So is this:

Royal Marines Not Welcome in Pub

I can't walk by a man or woman in uniform without stopping to say "thank you," let alone let them sit in a bar without sending a round of drinks over, so this pissed me off beyond measure.

BS of this sort makes France look grateful!


The comment's section on the BLACK FIVE thread above has over 200 posts. I encourage all to read it and add their two cents to the debate. I won't mention any names, but there is one troll who has no idea who he is dealing with there and I'd love to see y'all "welcome" him as only you can.


Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

Hey Angel:
I've been selling ornaments of "Know your limits-Skydive", and wondered why the "Enjoy Life Skydive" ones weren't selling. DUH!!!!!! I hadn't put them up. Have now, and heading for my Photoshop to try to come up with some more ornament ideas for the season.
I read the post at Blackfive, but not comments of late. I'm going there first- Sheepdogs Out!
nuf sed

12/02/2006 04:35:00 PM  

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