15 November 2006

Something Graphic This Way Comes!

I have a confession to make...one that I can't even tell my Priest about.

He just wouldn't understand.

(Actually, he *does* have an autographed ZZ Top poster and guitar in his office so maybe he would. Still, I'm sure there's nothing in the manual that covers the preferred number of "Hail Mary's" as penance for this particular indulgence...but I digress.)

Sitting alone in a darkened room, in the dead of night, when no one is looking...I go out stalking the object of my obsession. And when I find a source, I will remain there for hours...days even! I can't stop myself from wanting more, more and oh yes...MORE!

This stuff is nearly impossible to quit. There are no programs, 12-step groups or rehab clinics to to save me from myself. I'm generally a strong willed gal who insists on being in control of myself and my surroundings at all times and I try to behave in a manner fitting those parameters...but give me the right combination of pixels and sarcasm and I am floating in a state of bliss usually known only in the opium dens of the Orient.
You see...I am a closet graphics addict.
I rarely find a supplier who *always* has something new and exciting enough to feed my cravings, but when I do I am willing to commit the ultimate act of love between junkies...share!

Frankly Opinionated
(click the link to visit)
Frankie is an Old War Dog from the 101st AIRBORNE and as the saying goes, "He's good troops." Not only will he personalize anything you see in his shop, he'll be all too happy to create a "one-of-a-kind" design for you as well.
Stop by and visit his shop and his blog - you won't be disappointed!


Blogger "Frankly Opinionated" said...

While I consider myself "An Ole War Dog", I am not one of the "OLD WAR DOGS" of the site linked above. I do however do artwork for them, read them everyday, and fully endorse their efforts to educate the blogosphere. My number one runnin' buddy, my belgian Shepherd Sunny was their banner mascot until they could get "Torquejaw" up and running. Sunny is now kicked back enjoying a much needed retirement here on the farm. I sell and promote their gear in a section of my online design shop that Angel has mentioned.
And,,,,,,for a bit of a pitch- I want to do your custom art. Unlike screenprint method, I have no layout charges for designs, and there is nominimum size of the order. Just simly have me do up a design, I will put it in my shop, and you can have me assign it to whatever you'd like, Mugs, Calenders, clothing, over 70 items all together. This computer thing allows us to have the design and when you order, it gets out on the gear you select. In my shop, you won't see many photos, but only because I haven't done that many customs needing them. Try me!
Angel, thanks fer the post- Sunny and her follower Lacey wil appreciate the dogfood.
nuf sed

11/16/2006 07:03:00 AM  

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