08 December 2006

Bring the Christmas Spirit to Wounded Marines!

Bear Creek Ledger has a way for you to do just that - by sending Christmas Cards to wounded Marines at the National Naval Medical Center to and wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed.

There is also a request to send cards to a young Pfc. who has been in the hospital since this time last year...and very recently had his leg amputated. This alone was more than enough for me to put pen to paper but then I found out"the rest of the story" from Michelle Malkin, and I was infuriated. I'll let you read it for yourselves, but when you're finished, I hope you'll agree that we in the blogosphere should fill up the entire hospital wing where Pfc. Josh Sparling is recovering with enough cards, letters and Christmas goodies that it brings the postal service to a stand still!

All the information you need to send cards to the wounded Marines and Soldiers is listed in Bear Creek Ledger's post along with the specific address at Walter Reed for Pfc. Joshua Sparling.

Please take the time this year, as you write out your Christmas Cards to family and friends, to write just a few more for these outstanding men and women - many of them will not be able to see their families over the Holiday...and for those without close family members, YOUR Christmas Card may be the only one they receive this year. Don't let them down!

h/t Bear Creek Ledger
h/t Michelle Malkin


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