16 December 2006

Remember - Honor - Teach

Remember the fallen

Honor those who serve

Teach our children the value of freedom.

Those are the words that define the mission of Wreaths Across America

This past Thursday, I was honored to have participated in a wreath laying memorial that began in Arlington National Cemetery 15 years ago by a man named Morrill Worcester. Many of you have seen the photo above of the wreaths in the snow at Arlington, but this year, he, along with folks from The Civil Air Patrol decided to take it NATIONAL!

The National Cemetery in my area was one of over 200 that participated in a Moment of Silence coordinated with the same one held in Arlington. This was followed by the wreath laying itself. I'll let you read the details on your own as Arlington's wreath laying differ from the others.

But that didn't make it any less amazing.

I still really don't have the words to describe what it was like not just to be there, but to "experience" such hallowed ground. I stood at the resting places of men who fought with my Father in Korea. I knelt at graves of three CMOH recipients from WWII. I wept at the marker of a SEAL who mentored my cousin...and I was restored at that of a Marine, whose Mother cried on my shoulder and yet spoke with such pride in her son at the same moment.

Go to Wreaths Across America and find out what YOU can do to honor the fallen in 2007.

It's a lot more than you think!


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