08 December 2006

These Marines are NOT Martyrs!

There is an excellent article by Steve Schippert at ThreatsWatch.org entitled "Distorting Marines as Martyrs." It is yet another example of leaked intelligence ending up in the hands of the media, but in this case what should have been portrayed as a victory for the Marines in the Anbar Province was so horribly twisted by the Washington Post, (no surprise there,) that it came off looking like a defeat.

There is a link to the Wo-Po article on the site as well as a detailed explanation of the original leaked intel report so that one can easily see just how far off the mark the media is when reporting on the war and the state of our troops.

Thank goodness for the Michael Yon's of this world who, on their own dime, willingly place themselves in harms way to report back to us about the real situation is on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. His dispatches, along with those of many deployed service members who take the time to write about their own experiences, give us more than just balanced perspective, they give us what CNN claims to offer yet rarely delivers...the unvarnished truth.


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