25 December 2006

This is a test of the Emergecy B.S. System...

It is only a test.

In the event of a true B*** S*** Emergency you would be given instructions as to laugh, cry, scream or beat the hell out of the nearest inanimate object.

This is only a test

(imagine annoying noise of choice)

"Today in an unprecedented move of "solidarity and foresight" - World Leaders called for PEACE! It is reported that they believe this act of unity WILL bare fruit in the very near future."

Which leaves this blogger with one burning question:

"Solidarity and Foresight?"

Who the heck did they call, Miss Cleo???

Bet THAT cost a few nations their health care budget for next year!

(more annoying noises of choice)

This has been a test of the Emergency B.S. System.

We now return you to your Holiday Celebrations.

(Please note, I am referring to the "Leaders" of some of these nations, not those folks including myself who "pray" for peace.)


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