31 January 2007

Automatic External Defibrillators

As promised, here is my AED post.
I encourage everyone to visit THIS site from the American Red Cross to learn everything about this life saving device. In a nut shell, it is easy for anyone to use, and it saves lives - BUT it has to be present in order for that to occur. Clicking on the graphic bellow offers helpful insight on how to obtain one for your organization.

Contrary to what many believe, an AED is not something only needed in a health care setting. They are now in public aircraft, schools, office buildings..pretty much anywhere there are people. The reason? Because anyone, regardless of age, apparent health or gender can, without warning, experience sudden cardiac arrest.


Time between onset and intervention is critical in these instances and as fast as medics are capable of arriving, they won't be faster than a trained bystander with access to an AED. The training is simple and in many cases free of charge. I suppose this is my personal opinion, but a few hours of training is a Hell of a lot better than a lifetime spent with the memory of watching someone die as you stood by helpless to at least try to assist them.

I also recommend that everyone learn basic first aid and life support through the American Heart Association which includes CPR for adults, children and infants. Again, many of these courses are free to the public and more importantly, they can mean the difference between life and death. I especially encourage ALL parents to learn these procedures as I have personally had to console grieving Mothers and Fathers who realize the need for them too late. While it's true that CPR saves are by no means a given, the mere effort allows them to know that they did everything possible to save their child.
If you have questions on any of this, feel to send me an email.
(The address is in the side bar.)
I will be happy to help you in any way I can and if I don't know the answer, I will get you in touch with someone who does.


Blogger Fastest Squirrel said...

Thanks for the post. I'm going to order one for the office and one for the house. You can never be too prepared...

2/04/2007 04:25:00 PM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

You are more than welcome!
If you'll send me an email, I can probably get you a discount from our vendor.

2/04/2007 04:52:00 PM  

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