15 January 2007

Castro In Grave Condition!

That is the unaltered headline on the AP feed as of 8 minutes ago.
Well, my great, great, great, great Grandmother is in "grave condition" too, but the AP's use of terminology hasn't changed and the bastard is still alive.
I wonder what they'll write when the bastard is actually dead?

"Castro's Dream of Utopia Realized At Last!"

*Forgive me Gran - Your sense of humor lives on in me and I know you'd understand.*


Anonymous "Frankly Opinionated" said...

"In Grave Condition"? Poor call on their part. He'll be "In Grave Condition" when his body cools to ambient temperature. The trouble with the whole deal is that, when he finally does get to Mother Earth, nothing will change for the better in the "Gem of the Caribbean". Beautiful Country, Great Fishing, population that is unable to change their lot in life.
Love to visit Marina Hemingway/Darsena de Barlovento
nuf sed

1/16/2007 08:58:00 AM  

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