10 January 2007

An Ode to *A C-130*

In light of the work being done by certain pilots over Somalia recently,
(Not to mention getting a little payback-however overdue it might be,)
I let the left side of my brian take over and came up with the following:
I have NO poetic talent -
And then some...

An Ode to ALL C-130s

An Aircraft lover from my youth for fighter jets & those who flew them,

I know that often times the rest, don’t get the glory that is due them.

And so today, tribute I pay, to one aircraft too soon forgotten,

To give this plane, its rightful fame, and honor all who’ve ever flown them.

“Trash haulers,” as they tend to be, disgracefully dubbed by faster flights,

Deserve more reverence than received, when shadowed in by jet jock hype.

I say that shown in all her forms, The C-130’s under-rated.

And while she lacks the Tomcat’s charm, her talents can not be debated.

Need 89-ish dope-rope troops or 30-something HALO types?

An Airborne Recon Vehicle? (For all those so-called silent nights?)

Just drop the Hercules exit aft, and watch as troopers and equipment,

Deploying from this mighty craft, become airborne and in an instant...

Hostile, enemy owned land has boots aplenty on the ground,

And dropping with them, toys so grand that EVERYONE can have a round!

Some .50 cal,s some 5.56's...7.62's are also good

Now watch as Spectre Gunships play in their new neighborhood!

From 3 klicks up and 3 klicks out, those "AC-Garbage Cans,"

Can take out buildings, tanks and trucks or one specific man,

And though none ever see them come, all quiver at the sound,

Of minutes marked by Gatling guns each 1800 rounds.

Are you a “special” rotor-head, and running low on gas?

Need some psy-op leaflets dropped? How bout a crater blast?

Strafing, Insert, Rescue, Recon, Darkness or Low Light?

God made a C-130 for most any kind of flight!

Spookys', Spectres', Hercules'

Talons', Shadows', X's,

Quiet Knights' - All are delights,

(And flown by both the sexes!)

Don't write them off too quickly, as slow and undesired,

And nothing more than carry-alls for pilots uninspired,

The Ghosts of Point Salinas have a different tale to tell:

"You can run, you'll just die tired -And hey, Welcome to Hell!"


Anonymous "Frankly Opinionated" said...

Hell Angel: That is great! Would you believe that I have neighbors here north of Eglin AFB who resent that the Herc's fly over at jump altitude after making a tactical training run across the base. Personally, I find them very reassuring, knowing that another crew is learning how to do what they do, even better.
About the best plane GOD ever built.
And now with 105 Howzers stickin' out the side. Looked great shootin at those rock-throwing, spear chucking Somali Ragheads.
Yer best Post ever, Lady
nuf sed

1/11/2007 06:43:00 AM  

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