12 January 2007

Remember ALL the troops...

As speculation flies about possibly engaging Iran and Syria as part of OIF, there is still little mention of additional fronts (other than Afghanistan, of course) on which the War On Terror is being fought.

Before this morning's apparent "terrorist attack" on the US Embassy in Athens, there was a series terrorist bombings in the Philippines that killed 6 and wounded 27. No US casualties have been reported, but it's worth noting that US special forces and their support teams have been there for some time, training the Philippine Armed forces, including well known SF Mil-blogger "Francis Marion" from Where I Stand.

We reportedly have team of US troops on the ground in Somalia now as well, something unheard of since the well documented clash between Task Force Ranger and Somalian Warlords in 1993.

These are just two of the areas on the list, and they by no means complete it. Our guys and gals in uniform have a stake in every outcome worldwide because they are deployed damn near everywhere.

Remember the cartoon inviting you to "follow the bouncing ball?" Use the same principle, except this time, just follow the spread of radical Islam. It's a pretty good indicator of the where the hot spots are...and odds are we've got folks near the flames.
Don't forget to keep them in your prayers as well.


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