19 January 2007

Per Mare Per Terram

I'm well aware that the herculean efforts made by the men of 45 Commando Royal Marines to rescue one of their own earlier this week have been given heavy, continuous coverage in every media format imaginable. I am not here to add anything new or repeat what's already been said by those far more qualified than I to analyze the event.
What I am qualified to talk about is the powerful trio of loyalty, honor and love found within a brotherhood such as The Royal Marines that exists to confront the most dangerous situations imaginable.
I have seen it in my own family members who serve in the military, especially if I'm allowed to "hang out with the boys" who make up their units. I have experienced 1st hand within my fire companies. We may not see the frequency of close calls or LODD's compared to today's deployed service members, but we have shared enough of them to know that every one of us would bleed, burn and even die to rescue one of our own without a moments hesitation.
The Royal Marines demonstrated it in epic proportions attempting to rescue their "brother," Lance Corporal Mathew Ford, and I felt the need to honor those men along with the countless other's we rarely hear about who's loyalty and love for their fellows proves stronger than any fear or foe.

Such is the power of bonds forged in and under fire.


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