11 January 2007

Shots Fired!

Can't give ALL the credit to the President's speech since some of the following precedes it, but since it aired, the lead has really been flying and it's ALL large caliber, soft-pointed, expanding projectiles banned by the Hague Peace Conference!
(In other words, it's the GOOD STUFF!)
Start with THIS post by Froggy, THEN read EVERYTHING on Blackfive from there on up.
I especially encourage you to check out "A Battalion of Sock Puppets" and tell me no one's been in the ETOH today - And aren't you glad they were!
(I know i just sent you in a circle - cry me a river!)
Bill Whittle has a teaser up at Eject! Eject! Eject! which is usually the promise of essays to come and those are always through the X-ring.
Walk The Line with Michael Yon and CSM Mellinger in Iraq as they enter Ramadi. Here, the lead may be approved by Hague and blessed by Geneva, but it feels like someone just dialed you in, personally.
Grim’s Hall has the best analysis, in my humble opinion, on the recent attack on our southern border. And he fills it out even more with this.
(Yes, I said attack, and compared to terrel owens, i AM humble!)
Thursday's Day by Day by Chris Muir is destined to become as classic as the 1911, but without that pesky recoil.
Fox is reporting that this guy is dead, via gunship, which made me smile, that Pat Robertson may not be the idiot I think he is , (but I doubt it,) and that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani wants all illegal weapons removed in Iraq, which made me wonder 1st if there's a CCW permit available for those who qualify and 2nd, who might that be?
(Of course any of the guys and gals from the right side of the desert are eternally Grandfathered in.)
NATO claims 150 insurgent kills in Afghanistan - more smiles on my end. (I got family in them there parts - nice work, Squid!)
Major Z and Jack Army tell the sordid tale of a soldier who got screwed, and for all interested parties, the perpetrator is identifiable for your telephone and e-mailing pleasure. I'll add to that with...this.
The Fast Squirrel gives my personal favorite post-game wrap up on Strafing Somalia.
Adding more as they hit the Thompson target...


Anonymous "Frankly Opinionated" said...

I tried to read that "sock puppet" thingy, but I guess my head isn't clear enough. Author had me looking at his site to see whether he is fer us or agin us. Latin words, and such had me lost, I bailed out before I crashed. Maybe after I finish my Cuban Coffee,,,,,,,,,,
nuf sed

1/11/2007 07:09:00 AM  

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