19 February 2007

And then there are Sailors...

Posted a "Best of The Best" video montage yesterday showing some of the more creative and hilarious moments of Soldiers with time on their hands. Wanting to give equal time to the Navy so that my squid cousins won't get all sensitive on me from feeling neglected, I went looking for a similar video for them. I found one - Lord did I find one.
Maybe it's from all that salt air or how they speak a language often requiring a translator for the rest of the Military, but Sailors are, well...different. So is this video. Don't get me wrong, it's hysterical and these boys definitely had some time on their hands.
But it is uniquely a maritime creation. I don't think that's a bad thing...
Just a Navy thing.
Enjoy the men of CS-6/USS Enterprise who keep the wolves at bay in dangerous waters.

Ok Danny Boy, do you and Fredo feel better now?
Miss you - Be Safe


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