16 February 2007

Just An Okie from...Islamabad.

I'd drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma to buy this Man a beer today if his religious beliefs allowed it.
Then again, Jamal Miftah has proven to me that there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim and that he's one of them, so maybe I'll get to buy him that beer someday.
I hope so...I truly do.
His chose a very pubic approach to let the Emperor know that he's naked...and added that hiding behind Mosques and innocent people to shield this fact just makes him a morally corrupt coward who is, of course, still naked.
Unfortunately, this is not sitting well with his more zealous Muslim breathren. In fact, they declared him anti-islamic and kicked him out of the local Mosque for life. And that's just the non-threatening stuff.
Welcome to America Jamal! You are welcome in my Church and my Watering Hole anytime.


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