17 February 2007

In A Class By Herself

After recently contributing a few terrorists to the world, it's nice to remember the good guys who've come from the Lone Star State.
Of course President Bush comes to mind, but right now I am especially fond of this Lady... Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.
I had the privilege of running a 5k with Senator Hutchison 2 years ago, and she is a class act. (Not to mention a hell of a runner-I had to work to keep pace with her.) When I look at some of our other female leaders like Hillary and Nancy I think they would do well to emulate her common sense at the very least and at best her ability to make a decision and stick with it.
(Too much to hope for anything more, I'm afraid.)
She is one of the few remaining Senate members whose stance on Iraq and our troops has never wavered. Our Nation and the state of Texas are blessed to have a leader who actually knows how to lead.


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