22 February 2007

On Walter Reed - The Best of "Major Z"

Major Chuck Ziegenfuss has once again surpassed the bar, one which he himself previously set mighty high, in his post on Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It is quite aptly titled "The Blame Game."
Having had intimate, firsthand experience with Walter Reed, he describes both it's excellent, cutting edge medical treatment as well as it's utter failure in providing a continuum of care once patients have progressed from the "critical" stage to that of convalescence and rehabilitation.
(Which, by the way, ARE critical phases in ensuring a positive outcome for the patient.)
Not content to just describe the problems at WRAM and hope that someone will come along to solve them; just as he did when creating Project Valor IT, he goes on to take responsibility for implementing the solutions as well.

The Blame Game may well be one of Chucks best written posts to date, and that is saying something.


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