15 February 2007

Stupid Women Piss Me Off

Hate to break it to you, Miss Frequent Flyer, but you don't get a new jet for such stupid proclamations as this: "President Bush lacks authority to invade."
The Commander In Chief doesn't NEED authority to invade your space let alone Iran.
That's how that whole CIC thing works.
Yes, he has to get to congress within a certain period of time after ordering military action.
That is NOT the same as needing your permission or anyone else's.
And since announcing to your next door neighbor that you can't defend yourself is nothing shy of galactically stupid, I have to ask just what the Hell was going through your estrogen-depleted brain when you held a press conference to announce the same thing to the world?
Sweet Jesus...I knew you were a self-absorbed female, but even I hadn't realized that you really ARE a stupid b**** until today.
Thanks for setting our gender back 25 years WHILE acting as a living, breathing National Security Risk - most impressive!
Ever hear that joke about women as life-support systems?
I wouldn't even trust you with that one.


Anonymous Frankly Opinionated said...

This is but another fine example of those with Bush Derangement Syndrome. They want so desperately for George Bush to fail, that taking the country with him is acceptable to them. As you know, I always offer my rants to a few liberals. Not to upset them, but rather to attempt to get them to engage in dialogue. They have no solutions, no alternatives; nothing but profane retorts.
What a wench. I think she and her fellow reprehensives would lose it if we were to bring any sort of stability to Iraq.
Moonbats, what can you say about them?
nuf sed

2/16/2007 07:12:00 AM  

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