29 November 2007

Lobo vs Rottweiler

This is Lobo, my German Shepherd. Not only is he trained as a personal protection dog, apparently he also has skills in "distraction therapy."
While hanging Christmas lights last night, and maybe missing my 1SG just a little bit, a very friendly but BIG Rottweiler came over to see me. Lobo has played with him many times before and they've always gotten along fine. But apparently Lobo, who was in the house, didn't like the idea of me being outside alone with this large dog. So, before I knew it, Lobo popped the screen door, raced outside and grabbed the Rott by the throat. He completely ignored my "Release" command until the Rott ran away. Both dogs are ok, although the Rott is slightly worse off than Lobo. (IE: Lobo wasn't bleeding.) Nothing like a pet to take your mind off missing your significant other!


Blogger Holly said...

Good Boy! Good Lobo!

12/01/2007 09:11:00 AM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

Lobo says "Thanks, Holly!"
(Well, he actually barked, but it was the friendly, playful kind - not the "I'm going to eat you for breakfast, kind."

12/04/2007 05:55:00 PM  

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