19 December 2007

Goodbye Dan...Thanks for the music.

I've never been the type of gal who, as part of a couple, announces one day, "Oh baby, this is our song!"
But while walking through the PX durning my last days in Ft. Polk with my 1SG, I heard an old familiar song so fitting, by an artist I have always loved...Dan Fogelberg. He recently left this world way too soon from the evils of prostate cancer and I know he'll be missed by many. The legacy of songs he left us however, will last forever.
So, if I *was* one of those girls, these lyrics would be "ours."
"And it's hard to go down easy,
And it's hard to keep from crying,
And it's hard to lose a lover,
In the early part of autumn..."
Watch the video Hard To Go Down Easy
Click the ticket for Dan's Official Web Site


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