24 December 2007

"My" Candle In The Window

This week, I read a beautiful poem entitled "A Candle In The Window" by Chaplain Larry Connelly at Sgt. Hook's Blog: This We'll Defend.
I'm not going to re-post it here because I want you to take the time to visit the man thoughtful enough to post something so beautiful for those of us who wait for our Warriors to come home.
I will simply say that the poem refers to the time honored tradition of keeping a candle burning until your loved one returns to you from war.
In the spirit of the season, and that touching bit of poetry, I share with you "my" candle, which has been burning non-stop since the day my Soldier deployed.
Many of you may recognize that you are looking at Saint Michael, the patron saint of paratroopers. I could not think of a more fitting choice to remind me of my AIRBORNE RANGER, than the Archangel who cast the devil down from Heaven into the fires of Hell. Isn't that what ALL of our Warriors are doing? I know mine is...and like all Archangels, nobody does it better. May all of you who fight for us or have loved ones fighting far from home, be comforted this Christmas Season by the prayers of millions across the world for the safety of our soldiers and we who love them.


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