18 December 2007

Standing Fast

Let's see...since moving from Kuwait to Iraq 4th Brigade has had 3 casualties in less than 12 days. While this saddens me, as the loss of any soldier does, I am thankful to say that none of those lost to this war are my 1SG's kids.
(He would probably disagree with me on that saying that the entire Brigade are his kids, but that just speaks to the kind of man he is.)

I miss him a lot, but refuse to say that in our emails. Although, I HAVE said that Lobo, my dog misses him terribly - which is kind of funny since Lobo tried to bite him when they first met.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me these days. Hope all of you are well and the Christmas brings you all the Love, Joy and Laughter you deserve.

-Angel Out


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