26 March 2008


I willingly admit that these particular days, the one recently past and the one soon to follow in April are both difficult, sad days for me...yet I could not live with myself were I not to note them here.
The first is of the Man who gave me life.
The second is of the women gave me love.
On March 21st, my biological Father was born. He served with the 101st in Vietnam and was killed one month and three days after I was born. I have learned from his Army buddies that I am more like him than I ever imagined or hoped to be, and I am honored to carry part of him in my blood and in my heart.

My one wish in this world, is that I have become a woman that he would be as proud to call his Daughter as I am to call him my Father.

On April 2nd, 1929, my Mother, the woman who raised me and loved me as her own was born. I lost her at age 20 and still miss her every day. I will be writing more about this remarkable lady when the day comes.For now I simply wish to thank God, Fate - whatever you choose to call that power for making these people a part of my life.


Blogger Average American said...

Fallen Angel:

Consider your wish granted. I can assure you just from reading your last few posts that your father would have been EXTREMELY proud of you. I was there in 1968 and was lucky enough to be one of the 98% that came home.

I just spent an hour finding this on YouTube.
I hope you'll take 4 1/2 minutes to watch it. It's a gift to you from me in honor of your father. Have tissues handy when you do, you will need them.

You have a very nice blog. Come visit if you get the chance.


3/27/2008 06:08:00 PM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

There are simply no words adequate enough to express the gratitude I feel toward you at this moment. Some gifts are truly priceless, and those words you wrote to me more than qualify for that category. I will treasure them for the rest of my days. People often ask me why I have such a special place in my heart for soldiers and this is a perfect example of the kind acts of our warriors that make them so special to me.
Thank you for taking all that time to find the perfect video. (Glad you warned me to have plenty of tissues on hand - I cried from start to finish the first time I watched it, and even now I've that seen it a few times, I still can't make it through those four and a half minutes without shedding a few tears.)
I am very grateful for your service and so thankful that you were part of the 98% that came home. America needs men like you, now more than ever, as the front lines of *this* war are not in the desert, but right here at home...and I personally would want you on my side.
Again, thank you so much for granting my wish in such a beautiful way.

3/28/2008 06:09:00 AM  

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