10 March 2008


As a paramedic this subject is near and dear to my heart and I pray everyone will take the time to read the article I am about to share with you. Since the onset of AED's, (Automated External Defibrillators,) being placed in schools, malls and airports, this may well be the most live saving change since the onset of CPR itself.
Please note that this does not apply to EMS providers with the proper equipment. This is for you, the innocent bystander who suddenly watches a man grasp his chest and fall to the ground. This is for you, the fan at a high school basket ball game who sees a child literally die before your eyes. And what it means is that you don't HAVE to be that innocent bystander. YOU can do something right then and there that may save a life.
In a nut shell CPR may soon be know as CCR. The difference? The absence of mouth to mouth resuscitation. It is compressions only. This fact alone may make many who would stand by step up. Personally, I believe it will. I make no promises. CRP is successful roughly 2% of the time. But what if...just what if you had something to do with being a part of that 2%?
Folks, that 2% is why I do what I do.
And now before I direct you to the article - A SERIOUS DISCLAIMER.
Until you have been trained in Basic Life Saving for Non Health Care Providers your only job is to call 911 and then get the hell out of their way. But once you HAVE taken it, you will learn in one short day how to save the life of an Infant, a child, and an adult. And you will leave fully confident that you CAN do what you have learned. Because you can! I hope you never have to. I wish I never had to. But the fact of the matter is you will NEVER regret becoming a Life Saver instead of a Bystander. On this, you have my word.

Visit his site for some of the coolest graphics you'll ever see

For those of you with pets, be they birds, cats, rescue dogs, or just plain critters you adore, you may also want to check out this site.

I have personally done this, thank God not with my own beloved "Lobo," and it was my very first "Save." As it turned out, that critter was a retired Police Dog who was now someone's adopted companion animal and personal protection dog. So if I can do that for a dog, what would YOU do for a child?


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