05 April 2008

Please God...

Dad Korea-1952

Folks, I try not to have too many poor pitiful me parties here, but I think I might just have one now.Tuesday, I told you about this wonderful woman I call Mom who I lost too soon to even grasp just HOW wonderful she was.Mom, with her (their) first car as a Surprise for Dad's Homecoming -1953.

Well I am heartbroken to say that I rushed my Dad by Ambulance to the hospital Friday night when he began to slur his speech, didn't know my name & swore it was 1948.
I thank God here and now that I personally know every Firefighter, Paramedic, Nurse and ER Physician who so much as looked at him, and many of them taught me when I was the FNG. He could not have been in finer hands.
They chased me out of the hospital a little while ago when they transferred him out of the ER to admit him to Neuro IMC, (a step down unit from ICU, but by no means a regular medical floor,) but before I left his nurse who I also know well, let me "accidentally" see the preliminary CT Scans...he knew I just had to.
Until a Neurologist AND a Radiologist confirm it, nothing is ever "official," but even I know a right lacunar infarction when I see one.
Sorry, forgive my med-speak. I tend to get almost coldly clinical when I have to deal with the really hard stuff...and treating anyone's kids or your own family is about as hard as it gets. What I meant to say is that he's had a stroke, and this will be his 4th one.
His 4th....
I will be there at 0730 in the morning to bring him clothes and other personal items, but I'm terrified someone is going to call me at 0200 and say that I need not make the trip.I know no one is ever really ready for this...but Dear God, if you're listening, I'm really, really not ready for this. I can't lose another parent.Not now, Not Yet.Please, don't take him yet.


Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

Griper left a lovely comment to this post, which seems to have disappeared. If You see him, please tell him I'd him to try again.
It's one I will treasure for a long time.

4/05/2008 07:26:00 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

You and your dad are in my prayers, Angel.

4/05/2008 05:04:00 PM  
Blogger The Griper said...

he softly caresses her cheek and whispers, "there is no need, little one, it never disappeared it is right where it was meant to be seen as this one should be."

4/05/2008 05:09:00 PM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

*with tears streaming down the face of the gal who never cries* -

You folks are the Angels, not me, thank you for caring so much about someone you barely know. I will always treasure your kindness.

4/06/2008 12:12:00 AM  
Blogger Average American said...

Angel, I'm so sorry to hear of your dad. God is right there with him and with you. You Tube came thru with just the right thing again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5tFufCYmg8
God never gives us more than we can handle.


4/06/2008 07:31:00 PM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

Thank you so much, Joe.
You have NO idea how right you about are about what God gives us...see next post when I get it finished.

4/06/2008 07:57:00 PM  

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