20 July 2008


We all have them in our lives...births, deaths, anniversaries, and just those special memories that we keep in our hearts as moments of deep, rich emotion in which to draw in times of need or just sit back and smile as we realize how truly blessed we have been in our lives..
I have one of those, a birthday, coming up next week. I take no shame in my age, I will be turning 38. But more importantly, almost exactly one month ago there was a chance I wouldn't see that birthday. But after meeting with my Neuro team Friday and being cleared for a *little* more activity, I decided to celebrate the two milestones of my healing and my birthday together.
Now, don't fret, I was careful, but I spent 2hours horseback riding this morning. I kept her (Piper- a friends mare,) at a trot, but mostly I let her have her head and we just roamed the hills together. I have to tell you, it felt like Heaven.
Unless something remarkably new comes out of my operation, this is the last of my posts about it. One of the conclusions I came to with Piper this morning is that it's time to move to to more important things in the wold and Lord knows there are plenty of them.
Thank You All for Your Well Wishes and Support...it means the world to me and it too has helped me decide to move on.
God Bless,
Angel Out


Blogger Beth said...

A happy birthday to you, Angel, and glad to see how you are gaining in strength and mobility. Just don't overdo it!

And, one's health and well being is an important topic, so do keep us updated from time to time.

7/20/2008 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

Thanks for the B-Day wishes, Beth, and don't worry...tomboy that I am, this past two months was a close enough call that I don't care to repeat it by pushing the envelope. (too much LOL!)
I will keep y'all posted on the signifigant moments as well as the occasional frustratitions that come along with my recovery as you have an excellent point when it comes to our health and well being.
I had been through some serious surgeries/injuries before, but until this incident with my neck, I had no idea just how many aspects of not just my life, but those around me it affected. It was a painful lesson, but more often than not, the important ones usually are.
Be Well,
Angel Out

7/20/2008 03:27:00 PM  
Blogger The Griper said...

ahhhhhhh as he sits here visualizing the girl up on that horse riding so regally. riding as if inspecting the realm she rules over so patiently. he sees every creature that comes into view of her bow their heads in recognition that they be but a privileged creature that she allows them their place in her realm. each creature knowing that they be under her loving protection.

even the trees whisper their honor as a soft breeze floats through the branches and leaves.

tis a day of victory that she hails to the countryside. tis a day for celebration she proclaims to her subjects.

then he just sits back and with a smile he whispers,,"enjoy your day in the sun, girl, you earned it. tis life you found and you found it as so very few of us ever will."

7/21/2008 04:09:00 AM  
Blogger Fallen' Angel said...

Griper, my friend...that comment may well be the finest Birthday present a gal could ever hope to have and I can't thank you enough for such an eloquent picture, all painted with words.
If I learned anything from this ordeal...and there were many,many lessons...I have learned that the "Honor" which you spoke of so beautifully is truly a give and take relationship, as is protection, but never a 50/50 one. I, and countless others have cared for those who would shoot us as soon as look at us...until *they* were shot. There was no honor on their part, only malice. But I now believe that because I chose to honor and care for just those type of beings, I am on my own way to a complete recovery.
And *I* am as honored to have someone like you help me figure that out as I am to have the blesings of *every* day in the sun.
Be Well,

7/22/2008 06:35:00 PM  

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