23 September 2008

Greatest Movie Line Ever?

Now that's an accolade sure to cause some highly animated debate, but it's the title of the video as it was sent to me and I'm not going to challenge it. While I'm not sure if its the best line ever, I would feel no shame granting it a spot in the top ten...maybe even the top five.
So...grab a bucket of butter infused pop corn, the over-priced beverage of your choice, and pull up a chair, my friends. Have a look-see and decide for yourselves.
(And don't forget to stop by the comments section before exiting the theatre.)

16 September 2008

More IKE Picks

If you really want to see the spectacular stuff YouTube has some amazing videos of the eye wall coming in. Since I'm smart enough NOT to be outside during that event, I didn't take any picks or videos. But here is what else I do have for those who care to see... (Facade of strip center near my home ripped off) (Kinda speaks for itself)

(more tree damage one street over)

(What's left of my bank's sign)

(Just another tree) (Someone will be doing fence repair!)

(Down power line - NOT active)
That's it for now folks, if I get anymore good pics I'll post 'em for you.
Be Safe & Count Your Blessings!
Angel Out!

Contrary to Elections past...

This is NOT how I feel right about now. In all honesty, we were VERY lucky in my neighborhood. It wasn't fun with no power or water for three days, not to mention the occasional looters. (One more reason I love my AR-15 and my dog!) Here are some more pics of the damage just in my neighborhood alone. I will be able to take more tomorrow when I go to work with a National Guard POD (Point Of Distribution), but here's what I have so far. As I said, while this wasn't fun, I don't regret staying and I'm glad I can still help those who literally have nothing left but a slab where their home was only a few days ago.

May you all be safe & Well!

(Me waiting in the dark - well , candles, but dark enough!)

(One street over)

(My House)


Shut Up & Jump!