30 November 2007

Just when you think you've heard it all...

When my Mother passed away years ago, although I was barely 20, I remember making a mental list of all the stupid things people said in their attempts to make me feel better. (My theory is that these little gems were actually to make them feel better, but in either case, I decided that I would NEVER say anything like if the situation were reversed.)

Well folks, it's time for a new list. Since my beloved has left the country, it seems nearly everyone I know has been compelled to share their thoughts with me on his deployment. There are exceptions of course, but some of the things the majority have been compelled to share are nothing shy of pure stupidity.

My personal favorite is the man who told me that I should start preparing myself for my Soldier's impending death. It took every bit of self control not to bring the same to him. (Minus the prep time.)

Nice huh???

Now, I understand that shit happens...its happened to him a time or two already. But I trust his instincts and abilities like few I have ever known. With 24+ years in service, he's an AIRBORNE Ranger, Pathfinder, Master Parachutist, HALO/HAHO, Air Assault Instructor, plus a few dozen other schools/awards that I couldn't even begin to name. In other words, he can kick some serious ass..

I should know, I even watch MY mouth around him...and that's a first for this gal!

So for those of you with your worthless, uneducated "helpful" opinions - I leave you with this...

29 November 2007

Lobo vs Rottweiler

This is Lobo, my German Shepherd. Not only is he trained as a personal protection dog, apparently he also has skills in "distraction therapy."
While hanging Christmas lights last night, and maybe missing my 1SG just a little bit, a very friendly but BIG Rottweiler came over to see me. Lobo has played with him many times before and they've always gotten along fine. But apparently Lobo, who was in the house, didn't like the idea of me being outside alone with this large dog. So, before I knew it, Lobo popped the screen door, raced outside and grabbed the Rott by the throat. He completely ignored my "Release" command until the Rott ran away. Both dogs are ok, although the Rott is slightly worse off than Lobo. (IE: Lobo wasn't bleeding.) Nothing like a pet to take your mind off missing your significant other!

22 November 2007

One for my baby...

Ok folks, I KNOW it's an oldie...

What I'm Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving to those who bless our lives with their friendship, love and sacrifice!

21 November 2007

A Lesson In Leaving

Pretty much anyone who knows me is acutely aware that one of my missions in life involves being a more-than-enthusiastic cheerleader for the GWOT. I've had family and friends deploy numerous times on various fronts and have always stood my ground (rather loudly) when it comes to my belief that their cause is a just one and that those who take up arms in it's name are the finest of men and women I will ever know. I have never let them see me worry, cry or act in any manner other than that of one who knows that her emotions are child's play compared to what they are dealing with on a daily basis. I have always said that those of us at home HAVE TO be strong for those going off to fight. We owe them that at the very least, right

Well, earlier this week, I had to put my money where my mouth is when I said goodbye to my significant other as he prepares to depart on a 15 month deployment in the land of sand.
15 months...
That's two Christmas mornings, two birthdays and two people who won't be together for either of them.
15 months of scanning DOD releases, waiting, wondering, and praying
Lots and lots of praying.
I've never been one to break a promise and as such, I wouldn't be involved with someone who would, so we struck a deal:
I promised not to cry. (at least not in front of him.)
He promised to come home to me.
I didn't.
He will.
Charlie Mike...

18 November 2007

Please Excuse Angel's Absence...AGAIN!

Seems like I keep posting items like this only to disappear again.

For that, I sincerely apologize.

Shortly after my recovery time, I headed for Ft. Polk to spend some time with my significant other who is going to be deploying within a week or so. He just returned from his last tour in July, but he's always been one to answer the call, so when volunteers were asked for, he was the first in line. After 24 years of AIRBORNE INFANTRY, I can't really say I was too surprised. This is what he does and he does it very well.

I suspect I'll finally return to regular blogging since I'll have 15 months of time on my hands once he departs COTUS.

Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me despite my sporadic appearances.

Be Safe,


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