30 January 2008

So it IS true...F-15 Flying & Landing On One Wing!


I'd heard the rumors and the stories told after a pint or two (or 6,) but I never would have believed it had not seen it with my own eyes. NOTR at ROFASIX mentioned it in a previous post and that made me wonder if there was video of this amazing bit of flying. Sure enough, there is....behold, be awed and most of all, be inspired.

27 January 2008

Plastic Surgery - It's not just for Boob Jobs Anymore!

Plastic Surgery has gotten a lot of hype lately, mostly for the wrong reasons. I would like to remind everyone that in addition to building you a better playground, these docs deserve serious kudos for their reconstructive talents.
(I'm NOT putting down anyone whose had a little nip/tuck - I'm just saying that these surgeons can do SO much more!)
To prove it here is the progress I made over the last 8 or 9 days since my oven decided to cook *me* instead of the applesauce cake it was supposed to be working on. I don't like to post pics of myself, but this is a worthy cause if ever there was one.

Me less than 2 hour after the flash burns to my face.

2nd & 3rd degree burns to right hand 24 hours after the incident

Multiple mild debriedments to my face (which later caused the loss of my eye brows and lashes, plus 7" of burned hair cut off.)

Me! - 9 days later. My hand still needs some work. I AM wearing a special make up designed for burn patients but it's a very light coverage version, my eyebrows are courtesy of Max Factor and the eyelashes have to grow .25" before the extensions can be added... but all and all, I am nothing less than amazed with the results!

22 January 2008

And what did you learn in school today, Angel?

Well, thanks to NOTR at ROFASIX, I learned a little something about airframe construction and airframe failure.
I re-learned what a longeron is...used to have that buried in the memory banks someplace so it was nice to have it back again...and I learned what happens when they fail.
Most importantly, I got a great refresher course on something I already believe to be true: When the various members of our Military involved in aviation come to us, the tax payers, practically begging for better aircraft and the bigger budgets required to build and maintain them...they aren't crying wolf. They know all to well what the stakes are if they don't start upgrading their birds.
And it was all summed up in an excellent video presentation of a catastrophic F-15 incident that should have ended badly for the pilot...but didn't.

That's my kind of teacher! Go check him out and see for yourself.

21 January 2008

Time for a new list!

I've mentioned some of the lists I've made over the years in previous posts, and now it seems the time has come for a new one.

We shall call this one: THINGS I LONG TO SAY!

It's a little different from lists of the past. Instead of documenting the insanely stupid things people have said to me, I am now making a running collection of my dream responses.
(Most of them wishful thinking, but not all...not yet.)
This desire was prompted by the complete strangers who have approached me recently (since the oven incident) in grocery stores, parking lots, gas stations...even a day care center, and without so much as a "Hello," asked me some variation of the following question:
"What the F*** happened to your FACE?"
(Forgive the colorful language - unfortunately it was the most commonly used word by these *compassionate* folks.)
Here are some of my choices so far and although I've been too polite (or more likely too shocked) to use any of them, I may try a few if this goes on much longer.

1. It was supposed to be a FIVE second fuse!

2. Spontaneous human combustion IS real! They study it in Area 51! Go Google it and see!

3. Damn Flame Throwers - Those should be banned from Paint Ball!

4. The NSA didn't like what I said on the phone...so they detonated it. Really! Go Google it and see!

5. I was hoping to get on Extreme Makeover but I might have overdone it.

6. I never was a fan of The Colonel's Original Recipe - I'm more of an Extra Crispy kind of gal.

7. If you've got a few minutes, I'll be happy to show you step by step so you can do it too!

As I said, this is a working list so I welcome any little sarcastic gems you folks would like to add.
(And I know some of you have some GOOD ones!)

16 January 2008

More proof that training *will* save your ass...

Normally, I wouldn't post a picture of myself, especially one where I look sooo pretty...but there is a method to my madness. We've all heard about soldiers falling back on their training when things get ugly, and how it saved them more than once.
Well, Firefighters tend to think and work the same way and if you don't believe me, see the photo. You are looking at me shortly after an oven explosion. (Which happened last night I might add.)
I did suffer some 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my hands, BECAUSE of my training. Simple stuff really...protect your eyes. (Hence the hand burns) and contain the fire. (IE: Close the oven door - which also led to the hand injuries.) What you see on my face are mere flash-fire burns. I've been hurt in structure fires while wearing full gear a LOT worse than this so other than not being very thrilled with my oven right now, I'm feeling pretty damn fine.
So if you are one of the few and the ignorant who thinks training is a waste of time, or inapplicable in the "real world," know that the Senior Captain on the scene noted to his crew that had I NOT been a trained FF, my kitchen would be a total loss and I would be blind if not dead. Can't ask for a higher compliment or better proof than that!

15 January 2008

13 Months And Counting - But This Ain't My Mom's War!

Lord, how I live for this moment! But despite how much I want to watch my soldier come down that ramp, home & safe when his mission is finished, I also KNOW how spoiled I am when it comes to having a loved one at war.
I think about my biological mother who's final contact via the Army was an impersonal telegram informing her that her daughter no longer had a Father.
I think of my adopted Mother, who read casualty lists posted daily in her small town. Who was lucky to receive a letter every few months from Dad's Hell Hole in the "Crimson Imjin" - and how those letters were SO special to her. (I still have every one of them, wrapped in ribbons, just as she left them before she died.
And then I look at me...I have email contact with my soldier at *least* 5 times a day. (One of the benefits to being a 1SG.) We IM each other with audio capable web cams almost nightly unless he is out somewhere doing what he does. (That's one case where the don't ask/ don't tell policy works: I don't ask and he doesn't tell.)
So much as I miss him, I have NOTHING to bitch about compared to those fine women who came before me.
Ladies...You have my humble gratitude for demonstrating a strength most no longer posses.

If at first you don't succeed, cry, cry again...

I can see it now..."Iran will cease it's attempts to develop nuclear weapons or...or I'll CRY!
Sounds like a Monty Python skit, doesn't it?

14 January 2008

The Dog Ate My Homework!

Lobo - Destroyer of all things, including small rodents, basket balls, any dog larger than himself and anything he can reach on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, he also ate my web cam wires, (shown above) and most anything connected to my computer. Finally got it all replaced and since I missed so much, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with all your hearts desire. On a separate note, while I have yet to completely decide on a Presidential Candidate, I would like to make the following announcement:This man is NOT from my state!!!

I don't care *where* he was born - this is NO Texan.

Has anyone told him he's running for the wrong party?

I do believe he would embarrass the leftist of liberals if he were to join them!
OK - Rant over, Dog forgiven and back to blogging soon.
Angel Out!


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