31 January 2007

Automatic External Defibrillators

As promised, here is my AED post.
I encourage everyone to visit THIS site from the American Red Cross to learn everything about this life saving device. In a nut shell, it is easy for anyone to use, and it saves lives - BUT it has to be present in order for that to occur. Clicking on the graphic bellow offers helpful insight on how to obtain one for your organization.

Contrary to what many believe, an AED is not something only needed in a health care setting. They are now in public aircraft, schools, office buildings..pretty much anywhere there are people. The reason? Because anyone, regardless of age, apparent health or gender can, without warning, experience sudden cardiac arrest.


Time between onset and intervention is critical in these instances and as fast as medics are capable of arriving, they won't be faster than a trained bystander with access to an AED. The training is simple and in many cases free of charge. I suppose this is my personal opinion, but a few hours of training is a Hell of a lot better than a lifetime spent with the memory of watching someone die as you stood by helpless to at least try to assist them.

I also recommend that everyone learn basic first aid and life support through the American Heart Association which includes CPR for adults, children and infants. Again, many of these courses are free to the public and more importantly, they can mean the difference between life and death. I especially encourage ALL parents to learn these procedures as I have personally had to console grieving Mothers and Fathers who realize the need for them too late. While it's true that CPR saves are by no means a given, the mere effort allows them to know that they did everything possible to save their child.
If you have questions on any of this, feel to send me an email.
(The address is in the side bar.)
I will be happy to help you in any way I can and if I don't know the answer, I will get you in touch with someone who does.

30 January 2007

Ventricular Tachycardia

Been away for a bit because of the heart rhythm you see above.
No, it wasn't mine, it was worse...it was my Dad's.
There are few things more unsettling than treating one of your own, and I'm still a little shaky over this one.
But...the medics who took over were outstanding as was the Cardiology staff in the hospital, so... I'm VERY happy to say that Dad is fine now and a proud new recipient of an internal defibrillator.
I should be back to blogging soon and my next post will probably be on the need for AED's,(Automatic External Defibrillators,) in every school, plane, school bus and a thousand other places I can't think of at the moment. They really DO save lives!

19 January 2007

By Leaps & Hounds

BLACKANTHEM.COM has a great article on Military Dogs Working to Serve & Protect and the handlers who train them for everything from explosives detection, SAR and drug interdiction along with my personal favorite, "apprehension and retention."
("Grek" demonstrates this beautifully with Petty Officer 2nd Class Johnny B. Mitchell in the photo on the left.)
Military Working Dogs have come a long way since the days when they were used as scouts and then left behind when the troops came home. This was standard procedure for the military through the better part of the Vietnam War. It took a huge outcry from handlers that finally led to policy changes and slowly, the value of the the K9 started to be fully recognized.
Six of same soldiers who refused to be silenced when forced to abandon their K9s in Vietnam came together again in 1993, to form the Vietnam Dog Handler Association. They were the driving force behind the creation of the first National War Dog Memorial, located in California. An identical monument was dedicated soon after on the grounds of Ft. Benning's Infantry Museum. The inscription on these 19 ft bronze statues of a GI and his scout dog is the simple, heartfelt truth for the men who wrote it:
"They protected us on the field of battle. They watch over our eternal rest. We are grateful."

Ft. Benning Memorial

The Marine Corps. paid tribute to a Doberman named "Kurt," who saved the lives of 250 Marines during the battle for Guam from 21 July to 10 August 1944. They did so by creating a bronze, life-sized statue of him keeping watch from atop a granite monument; placed at the U.S. Marine Corps War Dog Cemetery on the island of Guam. Inscribed in the stone beneath him are the names of the 25 Dobermans buried there who gave their lives liberating the island in WWII.

"Kurt" immortalized in bronze, keeping the watch.

Check the article for more great photos and stories of these 4-legged warriors at work. And yes, I might be a wee bit biased when it comes to K9's. Especially when they look as good as mine!

Lobo Azules - Age 3

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, there are many Military Working Dog Handlers on the list at AnySoldier. I know this because I adopted three of them last week. Wouldn't you like to do the same?

Per Mare Per Terram

I'm well aware that the herculean efforts made by the men of 45 Commando Royal Marines to rescue one of their own earlier this week have been given heavy, continuous coverage in every media format imaginable. I am not here to add anything new or repeat what's already been said by those far more qualified than I to analyze the event.
What I am qualified to talk about is the powerful trio of loyalty, honor and love found within a brotherhood such as The Royal Marines that exists to confront the most dangerous situations imaginable.
I have seen it in my own family members who serve in the military, especially if I'm allowed to "hang out with the boys" who make up their units. I have experienced 1st hand within my fire companies. We may not see the frequency of close calls or LODD's compared to today's deployed service members, but we have shared enough of them to know that every one of us would bleed, burn and even die to rescue one of our own without a moments hesitation.
The Royal Marines demonstrated it in epic proportions attempting to rescue their "brother," Lance Corporal Mathew Ford, and I felt the need to honor those men along with the countless other's we rarely hear about who's loyalty and love for their fellows proves stronger than any fear or foe.

Such is the power of bonds forged in and under fire.

18 January 2007

Good Stuff in Grim's Hall

Grim's Hall has posted about the recent ongoings in the Philippines and it's ALL good.

In addition to a few more terrorists being removed from the threat equation, Francis Marion has checked in and promises an update on his site as soon as he gets what I'm sure is some much needed sleep.

News of a dead terrorist ALWAYS sends me into a moment of vindictive celebration that would horrify some folks if they knew. I've learned to hide it pretty well over the last 5 years but my eyes are a dead give away if I'm thinking exceptionally evil things. (Which I usually am in that scenario.)

I don't apologize for it...not when I can touch a steel girder from the south tower on any given work day, and sometimes do if no one's around to watrch me cry.

Still, I was glad to note that hearing Francis was safe and well felt better than hearing about 100 dead terrorists - nice to know my heart's still in here somewhere.


Badgers Forward: Iraq 101
Get thee to Badgers Forward with all due haste to ponder the above post, gentle readers. Follow the link to the complete article which the author herself refers to as "Iraq For Dummies."
It's not only an excellent response to all the BS you've ever heard about the war, it's pretty damn hillarious too.

Even us not-so-gentle readers agree.

17 January 2007

We're ALL going to Jail!

ROFASIX - CAV Guy! has a nearly unbelievable post about legislation being passed that could put a LOT of bloggers in orange jumpsuits and making license plates!

See Y'all behind the wire!

16 January 2007

Real Men DO Eat Quiche!

Badgers Forward: 24 Part II debunks that quiche myth for good! (And gave me the title for this post!) Make sure you check out Badgers Forward 24 Part I first though, as it puts the 2nd half in context. I like the play-by-play style of this blog from a boots on the ground perspective. Even more, I love that the author is not only an Officer, but the kind that all soldiers deserve to lead them.

Firefighter Saves Woman From NY Subway Train's Path

Donald Trump awarded 50-year-old Wesley Autrey, another recent hero of New York's subway system, $10,000.00 for saving a seizure patient who had fallen onto the tracks.
(And I DO consider that man a hero!)
But I bet this FDNY FF/EMT, Daniel Fitzpatrick, would settle for having the American Flag allowed back on his station locker.
Judge not those who run from fear.
Thank God for those who run toward it.

15 January 2007

Castro In Grave Condition!

That is the unaltered headline on the AP feed as of 8 minutes ago.
Well, my great, great, great, great Grandmother is in "grave condition" too, but the AP's use of terminology hasn't changed and the bastard is still alive.
I wonder what they'll write when the bastard is actually dead?

"Castro's Dream of Utopia Realized At Last!"

*Forgive me Gran - Your sense of humor lives on in me and I know you'd understand.*

WTF Google?

I wish I could recall where I first read that Google refused to "decorate" their logo for Veteran's Day on the grounds that they like their logo to look "playful"and they could find no way to do this with the subject in question.
Come on guys, you're GOOGLE for goodness sakes! You can do better than that!

Where am I going with this? I'm simply noting that while Veteran's Day isn't worthy of Google's recognition or creativity, (and they have the latter in abundance,) it seems that many others are worth going all out for. Anyone care to guess what made the cut on today's logo? (hint -MLK)I'm NOT knocking the man, his amazing accomplishments, the day designated in his honor or the fact that Google chose to acknowledge it - that's a good call.
What I AM furious about is the fact that Veteran's day doesn't merit the same!
Google, it's time to get your S*** and your design team together!

NOTE: I checked ALL past Google logos since 1999 and I'll give them credit for The 4th of July. I realize that these logos are tailored for various countries but if Earth Day, Burning Man/Winter Solstice, National Women's Day and my personal favorite: World Water Day merits a special logo, than Veteran's Day damn well does too!

Playing With Fire: Update

Perhaps it was the weather, but I've NEVER seen newbies so willing (begging) to enter the Backdraft chamber. Usually the fact that the little 'ole female instructor is in there provokes the the male ego and that's enough to get them in there. But today's weather was more incentive than I could ever hope for.
Motivation is a beautiful thing!

14 January 2007

Playing With Fire

What are you doing at work all week?

(Flashover/Backdraft Training Chamber)

I can't believe they LET me do this, never mind pay me for it!
Wanna see the backdrafts now?
(Notice where we are when the doors blast open? I still love that part!)

12 January 2007

Remember ALL the troops...

As speculation flies about possibly engaging Iran and Syria as part of OIF, there is still little mention of additional fronts (other than Afghanistan, of course) on which the War On Terror is being fought.

Before this morning's apparent "terrorist attack" on the US Embassy in Athens, there was a series terrorist bombings in the Philippines that killed 6 and wounded 27. No US casualties have been reported, but it's worth noting that US special forces and their support teams have been there for some time, training the Philippine Armed forces, including well known SF Mil-blogger "Francis Marion" from Where I Stand.

We reportedly have team of US troops on the ground in Somalia now as well, something unheard of since the well documented clash between Task Force Ranger and Somalian Warlords in 1993.

These are just two of the areas on the list, and they by no means complete it. Our guys and gals in uniform have a stake in every outcome worldwide because they are deployed damn near everywhere.

Remember the cartoon inviting you to "follow the bouncing ball?" Use the same principle, except this time, just follow the spread of radical Islam. It's a pretty good indicator of the where the hot spots are...and odds are we've got folks near the flames.
Don't forget to keep them in your prayers as well.

11 January 2007

The Boys Are Back!

US troops 'enter Somalia' after raid
Why does this give me the warm fuzzies?
Everyone remember all the units from the last go-round?
Good, now consider the odds that a "small search team" like this ISN'T from one of them.
Those are betting odds now aren't they?
Anyone care to double down that two of them are there?

Keeping The Dream Alive

Ace of Spades' post on Three Explosions in Iran attains levels of sarcastic poetry that I have only dreamed of reaching in some Yeats/Twain alternative universe.

Of course, assuming said episodes of surper-high velocity combustion did NOT result from nuclear queries, then the mere fact that stuff is blowing up in Iran is kind of poetic all by itself.

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This...

That He Lay Down His Life For His Friends
Dan and Deb Dunham pause during a Medal of Honor ceremony for their son, U.S. Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham, at the White House, Jan. 11, 2007.
Dunham gave his own life in April 2004 by throwing his body over a grenade so that the men under his command might live.
Defense Dept. photo by Cherie A. Thurlby

Yeah...that'll happen!

Ok kids, you know what I am and you know what I do, (and if you don't, my outrage over this is a BIG hint,) so I hope you'll excuse me when I call BULLSHIT on this one as loudly as I possibly can.
Now, supposedly FDNY's Engine Co. 230 was busted for having a "sexually explicit" slogan posted somewhere in their station and that led to this anti-decoraion crap. Well then, as THE female on Ladder 23, in a department far, far away...(what, you think FDNY had a sexually explicit slogan involving naked GUYS? The F*** outta here!)...I'm here to tell you that we, the women of the firefighting world, have seen it all, heard it all and quite possibly done it all ourselves by now! If we were the "easily offended" type, do you really think firemen would be our first choice in colleagues? (Yet they ARE, which SHOULD tell you something right there!) Where the hell do you get off using US as an excuse to pay legal for their CYA games? No one who ever wanted to be here pulls the "But I'm a girl" crap - Ever!

And good luck getting those flags down...maybe you can ask the Port Authority Police for help?

And just for the record, suppose a Firefighter has a tatto with flags and...stuff? Gonna make her, I mean them, take THAT off too?

'Cuz we can give the paramedics a head start, if you like.
(Just TWO of My "sexist" locker decorations.)

Shots Fired!

Can't give ALL the credit to the President's speech since some of the following precedes it, but since it aired, the lead has really been flying and it's ALL large caliber, soft-pointed, expanding projectiles banned by the Hague Peace Conference!
(In other words, it's the GOOD STUFF!)
Start with THIS post by Froggy, THEN read EVERYTHING on Blackfive from there on up.
I especially encourage you to check out "A Battalion of Sock Puppets" and tell me no one's been in the ETOH today - And aren't you glad they were!
(I know i just sent you in a circle - cry me a river!)
Bill Whittle has a teaser up at Eject! Eject! Eject! which is usually the promise of essays to come and those are always through the X-ring.
Walk The Line with Michael Yon and CSM Mellinger in Iraq as they enter Ramadi. Here, the lead may be approved by Hague and blessed by Geneva, but it feels like someone just dialed you in, personally.
Grim’s Hall has the best analysis, in my humble opinion, on the recent attack on our southern border. And he fills it out even more with this.
(Yes, I said attack, and compared to terrel owens, i AM humble!)
Thursday's Day by Day by Chris Muir is destined to become as classic as the 1911, but without that pesky recoil.
Fox is reporting that this guy is dead, via gunship, which made me smile, that Pat Robertson may not be the idiot I think he is , (but I doubt it,) and that Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani wants all illegal weapons removed in Iraq, which made me wonder 1st if there's a CCW permit available for those who qualify and 2nd, who might that be?
(Of course any of the guys and gals from the right side of the desert are eternally Grandfathered in.)
NATO claims 150 insurgent kills in Afghanistan - more smiles on my end. (I got family in them there parts - nice work, Squid!)
Major Z and Jack Army tell the sordid tale of a soldier who got screwed, and for all interested parties, the perpetrator is identifiable for your telephone and e-mailing pleasure. I'll add to that with...this.
The Fast Squirrel gives my personal favorite post-game wrap up on Strafing Somalia.
Adding more as they hit the Thompson target...

And this little Froggy said NO...

Froggy's Not Feelin It?
I love the guy, but hope to hell that just this once, he's wrong.

10 January 2007

An Ode to *A C-130*

In light of the work being done by certain pilots over Somalia recently,
(Not to mention getting a little payback-however overdue it might be,)
I let the left side of my brian take over and came up with the following:
I have NO poetic talent -
And then some...

An Ode to ALL C-130s

An Aircraft lover from my youth for fighter jets & those who flew them,

I know that often times the rest, don’t get the glory that is due them.

And so today, tribute I pay, to one aircraft too soon forgotten,

To give this plane, its rightful fame, and honor all who’ve ever flown them.

“Trash haulers,” as they tend to be, disgracefully dubbed by faster flights,

Deserve more reverence than received, when shadowed in by jet jock hype.

I say that shown in all her forms, The C-130’s under-rated.

And while she lacks the Tomcat’s charm, her talents can not be debated.

Need 89-ish dope-rope troops or 30-something HALO types?

An Airborne Recon Vehicle? (For all those so-called silent nights?)

Just drop the Hercules exit aft, and watch as troopers and equipment,

Deploying from this mighty craft, become airborne and in an instant...

Hostile, enemy owned land has boots aplenty on the ground,

And dropping with them, toys so grand that EVERYONE can have a round!

Some .50 cal,s some 5.56's...7.62's are also good

Now watch as Spectre Gunships play in their new neighborhood!

From 3 klicks up and 3 klicks out, those "AC-Garbage Cans,"

Can take out buildings, tanks and trucks or one specific man,

And though none ever see them come, all quiver at the sound,

Of minutes marked by Gatling guns each 1800 rounds.

Are you a “special” rotor-head, and running low on gas?

Need some psy-op leaflets dropped? How bout a crater blast?

Strafing, Insert, Rescue, Recon, Darkness or Low Light?

God made a C-130 for most any kind of flight!

Spookys', Spectres', Hercules'

Talons', Shadows', X's,

Quiet Knights' - All are delights,

(And flown by both the sexes!)

Don't write them off too quickly, as slow and undesired,

And nothing more than carry-alls for pilots uninspired,

The Ghosts of Point Salinas have a different tale to tell:

"You can run, you'll just die tired -And hey, Welcome to Hell!"

07 January 2007


I think folks tend to forget that the above acronym stands for "Global War On Terror," so this post from Francis Marion's Where I Stand was a nice reminder:

If you aren't a regular reader of his blog, you are missing out on a unique perspective on America's world wide actions against terrorists from a deployed member of our troops.
Check it out - You won't be disappointed.

06 January 2007

A Belated "Happy New Year!"

Sorry it took me so long to post this...As you all know, sometimes life gets in the way of one's plans. I spent the past week with Dad in the hospital, (he's fine now and back home,) a Military Funeral, work and some some computer problems so this is the first chance I've had to post anything.

Wanted to wish you all a belated "Happy New Year" and thank you for stopping by to read this humble blog of mine.

This photograph is nearly as old as I am, but I wanted to post it for my crew. In light of our past three days on the street, it really does fit perfectly.

(And no, for those outside the FF/Rescue community, we've never done this...but we have run a supply line on the hood and roof of vehicles in similar situations!)



Shut Up & Jump!